Bio-safety & Bio-security

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MECIDS’ regional work in bio-safety and bio-security focuses on training.  Laboratory technicians are instructed how to handle and dispose of bio-hazardous materials; proper conduct in a laboratory setting is taught; and the essential protocols for working inside a sensitive biological setting are detailed.

On the whole, the objective is to ensure that public health service laboratory staff in the region follow best practices, and that laboratory standards are harmonized between the three participating Ministries of Health.

In the future, MECIDS plans to develop a common accreditation system for those graduating from the training process, which will be recognized in all countries and authorities participating in MECIDS.

In November 2011, with funding from the International Council for Life Sciences, MECIDS began training lab technicians.  The international trilateral training course took place in Jerusalem, and welcomed 30 participant technicians.  Due to the success of this initial Jerusalem course, each MECIDS member country has expressed a strong desire to continue with the trainings.

In the future, trainings will be expanded to include additional tri-lateral sessions, as well as separate courses tailored for each country.  Furthermore, MECIDS intends to conduct a “training of trainers” so that the benefits of the program can expand exponentially throughout the region.

Bio-safety & Bio-security